Ikkousha Ramen Singapore
Tonkotsu Ramen is Ikkousha Ramen.

TONKOTSU ("pork bone") ramen is a specialty of Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, where IKKOUSHA originated, hence often called "Hakata ramen".

Boiling carefully cleaned pig bone over long period of time everyday, it creates the signature thick and creamy texture of Tonkotsu soup, foaming with bubbles.

This foam can be found in AUTHENTIC TONKOTSU made from slowly simmering pork bones.


The Man, Ikkousha

Mr. Yoshimura, the founder of Hakata Ikkousha, is very famous in the Ramen Industry in Japan. He constantly pursues the most desirable taste of the Ramen. Beside enjoying the great taste of our Ramen, we hope all customers to feel Mr. Yoshimura's passion and devotion in the ramen.